“I was just riding my bike when …”

Bicycle technology can be overwhelming, but that’s why you have us! Your local bike shop can help you navigate all the options and get you out on a bike faster, enjoying the ride. 

In 1982, Glacier Cyclery opened its doors as a repair only shop.

We were the only bike shop in town, and Whitefish had dirt alleys and plenty of empty parking spots. Through the years, Glacier Cyclery has grown to be one of the largest shops in the wonderful state of Montana. However, our roots are still founded in service and we pride ourselves on being one of the best equipped, well staffed, most capable bicycle service shops under the big starry skies.

Bike technology has come a long way since the 80s, and to ensure our quality service, we continue to receive training through manufacturer’s seminars, classes, and online training. We use professional tools like our new electric bike lifts and computerized diagnostics for ebikes. Our mechanics are trained to the highest level of competence to provide you with the best bicycle repair and maintenance possible. 

Service Menu


  • Safety Tune-Up – $80
    Bike wiped down and inspected, derailleur hanger alignment and derailleur adjustment; brake adjustment; nuts, bolts, parts and accesories secured; chain lubed, tires inflated, test ride.
  • Basic Tune-Up – $120
    All the procedures of the Safety Tune- Up, plus: headset adjustment; bottom bracket adjustment; hub bearing adjustment; lateral wheel truing.
  • DeluxeTune-Up – $160
    All the procedures of the Basic Tune-Up, plus: drivetrain cleaned, radial wheel truing and spoke tension checked; frame & parts cleaned; cables replaced as needed.*
  • Trail Tune – $350
    All the procedures of the Deluxe Tune-Up, plus: suspension fork clean and lube with seal replacement*; rear shock clean and lube with seal replacement*; suspension pivot inspection and adjustment; disc brake systems flushed and bled.

*Prices do not include parts.

**Tune-Up packages are subject to a shop supply charge. This charge can run $1.00 to $5.00 and covers chain lubes, greases, cleaning agents, shop rags, bandages, etc.s chain lubes, greases, shop rags, band-aids, and various medications for your highly skilled bicycle technicians. Hey, it’s better than a 15% gratuity charge.

NOTE: Any repairs not picked up within 30 days of tune/repair completion date will be charged a $5/day storage fee for every day after that 30-day period. 


  • Fork Service – $70.00
    Includes lower leg removal; cleaning; spring/air spring service; open bath damper service (cartridge damper system service may be extra); installation of seals, where applicable; reassembly,  proper torquing of bottom nuts/bolts and top caps, and proper inflation of fork.  
  • Rear Shock Air Can Service – $50
    Includes disassembly of air can; cleaning of internals; seal installation, where applicable; lubrication of seals/air can; reassmbly, and proper inflation of rear shock.
  • Wheel Truing – $20 to $40
    Includes lateral and radial truing of wheels; dish check/correction; and proper tensioning of spokes.
  • Wheel Build – $80
    Includes spoke length calculation; spoke prepping; lacing; lateral and radial truing with proper dish and spoke tension.
  • Rear Derailleur Adjustment with Hanger Alignment – $20
  • Hydraulic Brake Bleed – $35 
    Includes checking security of hose fittings and piston condition; system flush; and bleeding of brake system.
  • Box and Ship Bike – $100
    Includes disassembly; wrapping of frame tubes; securing parts and accessories; printing of shipping labels. 
  • These services represent a mere smattering of the services offered by Glacier Cyclery’s service department. Feel free to contact us and ask us any that you might have. Prices do not include parts