We sell more than bikes, WE SELL A GOOD TIME

Some bike stores are plain old intimidating when you first walk in the door and look at a sea of hardware, handlebars, cables and tires. We minimize the mechanical emphasis in our store by displaying and merchandising products that help you enjoy the activity of bicycling. We try to display reasonably priced bikes by the front door to minimize sticker shock for you, but sometimes we can’t help ourselves, and occasionally you’ll see a model that tells you some people really take their equipment seriously!

Bicycles and the components that are on bikes have greatly improved in the last 5, 10, even 20 years. We don’t want to over emphasize bicycle technology, but we can gently introduce you to the great innovations that have actually made cycling easier and more enjoyable.

Some bike store staff are intimidating too! But year after year the Glacier Cyclery staff has been some of the most polite, most professional, helpful, friendly people you’ll ever meet. While we don’t want to run you out the door if you truly are ‘just looking’, we’d love to introduce you to our store and answer any questions you might have.

The Glacier Cyclery staff will listen to what type of bicycle riding you are thinking about and ask you questions that will help steer you to the right bicycle and accessories. We are all riders ourselves–something that works in your favor, too! Individually and collectively, we have decades of experience and can assure that you get the right bike for you, the correct size and one that is comfortable.

Thank you for choosing Glacier Cyclery!
We really do sell more than bikes, we sell a good time!